we make products look as good as they taste

We don't just give food and beverage brands a pretty appearance, we help them look good from the inside out. From recipe development to package designs, we help bring yummy ideas to life, or rather, to the shelf.

Our services include:


brand identity 

  • Identity creation or revamp
  • Logo design 
  • Package design and copy 
  • Website design and copy 
  • App design and copy
  • Brand collateral design and copy
  • Branded environments (i.e. trade show booths, pop-up shop, events, retail space, etc.)
  • Packaging mockups (for web or print)
  • Social media pages and content
  • Branded content videos
  • Recipe videos
  • Product shots 
  • Styled food photography + product placement 
mixing bowl copy.jpg

product development 

  • Recipe creation or revamp
  • Recipe scaling and costing
  • Develop SOP (a standard operating procedure for commercial production)
  • Supplier contacts 
  • FDA compliant nutrition facts for labels 
  • Label review for FDA compliance


  • Develop business plan 
  • Develop marketing plan
  • Advise on distribution, sales and marketing strategy