Sam lives! // wild sam

As the namesake of her family’s juice brand, Fresh Samantha, Sam decided to follow in their footsteps and start her own smoothie business.

Sam came up with a brand identity that resonated with former Fresh Samantha fans and called the product Sam Lives! She also wrote the copy in a quirky voice that conjured up nostalgia for these fans with lines such as "I'm all grown up and fresher than ever!" and "Here’s to a smoothie like the one that made me lick my lips and twirl my curls in a purple skirt.” She came up with playful characters such as “The Duke of Kale” and “Jangled Mango” and designed the website, tradeshow booths, labels and all other marketing materials with Abby Carter's whimsical art. Wallpaper* ended up recognizing the line for its unique branding. 

Sam ran all aspects of the business and sold the line at Whole Foods and other natural retailers across New England.

booth design.png

Trade show booth design

Since Fresh Samantha, Sam Lives!, and Sam herself were born in Maine, Sam knew the booth had to reflect the state in some way. She used shiplap to give a Maine cottage feel. To portray the brand's quirky, whimsical nature, she added cut-out signs of the characters and pops of bright color.